News of the Great War

Get captivated by the war stories in the newspapers, censored press and trench papers from the First World War. An exciting discovery into the life at and behind the warfront. 

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
An assassination that set the world alight: the attack on Franz Ferdinand.
The German invasion of Belgium
Through Belgium to Paris, the German invasion of Belgium.
The front stabilises
To the Yser, the front stabilises.
First big gas attack
A deadly cloud: the first big gas attack in Belgium.
The Wire of Death
The frontier electrified: the border fence between Belgium and the Netherlands.
Forced labour
An army of the unemployed? Forced labour.
Ludwig Von Falkenhausen
Ludwig von Falkenhausen at the head of the occupation regime.
The liberation offensive
The start of the final sprint: the liberation offensive.
The Armistice
11:11:11 The armistice