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News of the Great War

Coordinated by meemoo, and in consultation with the Flemish Heritage Libraries, FARO and Packed, thirteen Flemish cultural heritage institutions worked intensely for two years on the inventory, digitalisation and bringing online of hundreds of thousands of newspaper pages from 1914-1918. News of the Great War secures the information in these fragile newspapers for future generations, and puts the First World War’s digital heritage on the map internationally.  
On nieuwsvandegrooteoorlog.hetarchief.be, you can access 270,000 pages of Belgian journalism from the First World War. Consult the index to find out which newspapers are available. 

Now also available as linked data

To mark the end of the four-year commemorations in 2018, the collection was enriched with linked data. Now the data from The Archive can be linked to other databanks, without the need for human intervention. To demonstrate how this works, we linked the victims from In Flanders Fields Museum's Names List to our newspapers. You can read more about this here

Meemoo aims to preserve the digital heritage of Flanders in a durable manner, and make it available for everyone. The focus of meemoo lies with the audio-visual material at the cultural heritage organisations and broadcasters in Flanders.
Meemoo, Flemish institute for the archive was founded at the end of 2012 by the Flemish Government. meemoo brings together a large number of partners from the cultural and media sectors. By combining these partners' materials cost-efficiently and in a high-quality manner, meemoo can digitalise the critically threatened audio-visual material. Subsequently, meemoo ensures the durable digital preservation of all digital audio and video. We make it available via The Archive for Education and the general audience has acces to descriptions via www.hetarchief.be. In 2019, we joined forces with PACKED vzw and Lukas to work in a new, integrated way. 

Het Archief
Het Archief is the overarching brand through which meemoo makes archive material available for everyone. ‘News of the Great War’ (nieuwsvandegrooteoorlog.hetarchief.be) was the first major collection that was made available through Het Archief, back in 2015. Since November 2019, descriptions of over half a million video and audio items from over 100 Flemish media, cultural and governmental organisations can be found on hetarchief.be. Here you can read what you can find there and what Het Archief can do for you.


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